El Salvador day 2…

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

Matthew 5:3

The morning started with a “Super Match” in a small community that was about 30 minutes from where we’re staying. A church gathered the the youth together (they have been working with them through an afternoon program). We played a lot of fun games and then the gospel was present. Rodrigo led the large group time and then we broke into small groups for our teams to share (the WOL crew translated for all of us except Cameron, who was able to share completely in Spanish!)

After lunch, we had the opportunity to share the gospel door to door in a small rural community with our Spanish brothers and sisters from the church Dios Es Amor (God is Love). The remoteness and the poverty of this region create certain obstacles, and yet the people were gracious and hospitable. Each family welcomed us and we were able to discuss the gospel and our hope in Christ.



We met several teens and I had the privilege of seeing/hearing our group share their faith with them, pleading with them to believe and trust in Jesus. It seems that whether you are in rural El Salvador or in Cave Spring, we are all tempted to live for ourselves and temporal pursuits rather than the everlasting hope and satisfaction found in Christ.
We returned to the church for a worship service (all in Spanish) and Alex from WOL brought the word. Roy asked him to keep his message short, for he is known to preach for 2 hours!
We finished the day with a meal together and retired for the evening. A good and full day of ministry!

2 thoughts on “El Salvador day 2…

  1. Thanks Chip, for the update and………you go, Cameron !! “Dear Lord, thank You for what You are doing this week. We pray for strength, wisdom, and courage for all our peeps. Also, we pray, in the strong name of Jesus Christ……..against the resistance that would attempt to keep people from knowing You. “

  2. I can picture you there. Pray God to give you health to continue on a demanding schedule with many opportunities to share Christ. Wish I could be with you. Thanks for the updates. Please remember me to the El Salvador team especially Linda. Hayden

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