El Salvador Day 3…

El Salvador has almost 7,000,000 people. How do you reach them with the gospel and teach them to become disciples of Jesus Christ?

In the past few days our team has spent a lot of time driving around the Salvadorian countryside, in route to our next ministry destination. I have been able to hear from the WOL leadership about their vision and goals – to reach this beautiful country with the Gospel. WOL seeks to share the gospel with 20,000 Salvadorians each year – which is a huge goal and yet a drop in the bucket compared to the total number. And how could a team of 22 effectively follow up with and disciple that many people?
[enter the local church]
As I have heard and witnessed, the WOL team is committed to the local church. Even in short, passing conversations with WOL missionaries, I hear their love and commitment for their church. Each are committed to teaching the Bible (they call it “Bible Clubs”) and developing leaders and making disciples. Each day we have partnered with churches, a pastor and several members, to go into homes to share. If the gospel is going to continue to increase in this country, it is going to need strong, healthy churches to make and grow disciples.

Yesterday morning, we traveled to Santiago de la Frontera (a small town near the Gautamian border) and were welcomed by brothers and sisters from Oasis Evangelical Church. This open-air shelter constructed from tree limbs and corrugated sheet metal was filled with life – children were singing, warm greetings from the adults, and strategic planning for the day’s work.
The Lord is at work here and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the gospel ministry here. Please continue to pray for our team. Today we are heading back to Santiago de la Frontera to preach the gospel in the school. Please pray for the churches to be strengthened and for more churches to be planted.

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