El Salvador day 4

After a few days here, I am realizing that El Salvador is very different from our American culture and lifestyle. Driving down the road and seeing a pick-up truck with 10 guys hanging out of the back is not the American way – here riding in trucks is encouraged, not prohibited. Police officers carrying machine guns. Families welcoming complete strangers into their homes – stopping all that they were doing and gathering the whole family together – to have a conversation about the gospel. 

Yesterday was another example of a completely different culture. We were able to share the gospel in 3 public schools – approximately 600 to 700 students total. When we arrived, the teachers dismissed their class to the commons area to see our program. The WOL team gathered and welcomed the students, introduced us, and then we started the gospel presentation. Our team participated in the “Empty Heart” drama that depicts a young man who is searching for satisfaction in the things of this world (materialism, popularity, drugs and alcohol, girls, religion, etc.). His heart can not be filled with any of these pursuits and he is left in despair until he is introduced to the “Christo”. Jesus Christ not only offers eternal life, but following him in this life brings purpose and satisfaction.
After the drama, a WOL missionary summarized the drama and clarified the gospel. After a few minutes, the students were gathered into smaller groups for discussion. Our team had the opportunity to lead these small groups and teach with the help of translators. The Salvadorian students are given the opportunity to respond to the gospel and contacts are given to a local church. I believe the WOL team is coming up next week to assist with follow up and train the churches to engage these students and their families.
Reflecting on yesterday’s events, the Lord is really at work through the WOL ministry here. Would this happen in the USA? Probably not, but praise the Lord that these opportunities are a reality here. Please pray for these students and their families. Pray that the churches would be able to engage them and that they would be connected to a church body for support and discipleship growth. Please pray the the schools will continue to be open to WOL sharing the gospel to the students.

Today we are heading out on a tourism day to see more of this beautiful country.

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