El Salvador Tourism Day

Yesterday was “Tourism Day”, and we were able to travel north through the beautiful Salvadorian countryside to a coffee plantation, Cafe Ataco. We saw the entire coffee production – from picking the coffee cherries from the tree to final product poured in the cup. It was an amazing experience for several reasons: 

1. We saw another region of El Salvador that was absolutely beautiful.
2. Most of us enjoy coffee and were amazed by the amount of work and precision that goes into the process.
3. Each of us left the plantation with a whole new respect for the Salvadorian work ethic. Men, who weighed approximately 150lbs, were loading sacks of coffee all day that were equal to their weight. Women processed beans by hand for quality control inspection.



As we return to San Salvador city, it is amazing to see the distinction in the way people live in this country. After serving in rural, poor communities (homes with dirt floors) for several days, it is a little overwhelming to come back into the large city – that is more similar to an American city.
And yet each person here, and around the world, had the same need, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for us today as we minister the gospel in three schools around San Salvador. Pray that our hearts would continue to be impacted as we serve that the Lord, and that He would give us a passion for sharing this wonderful truth.

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