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UPG Team Update 4 – In for the Night

The UPG team had a great visit into the villages where they were able to have significant conversations, see the “lay of the land,” and serve through harvesting. They are well, but tired and settling in for the night. Tomorrow they will meet to devote themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers (Acts 2:42 ESV) desiring to bring encouragement, refreshment, and to join in community with others who have been faithfully laboring for the kingdom in that place. Thank you for your continued faithful prayers for them and their family members who remained in the states.IMG_1435

Helping bring in the corn harvest for a family whose grandmother is ill.

And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.

(Luke 10:2 ESV)


UPG Team Update – Day 1

Here’s a quick update on the team…  After traveling for over 30 hours, the team finally arrived at their hotel around 3 AM local time.  All were very tired but slept well.

The trip got off to a great start. In the morning they visited a simple factory where clay water pot filters are made. These filters could be a doorway into rural village ministry–“in word and in deed.”


In the afternoon they met with some of the partners we are working with, including two who will travel out with them tomorrow. For dinner they went to the home of a local shepherd who fixed an incredible meal with all the fixings for them.

IMG_1431 (1)

Tomorrow the real adventure begins as they travel out to where the UPG lives.

Pray for Open Doors, Open Mouths, and Open Hearts.

Where is Your Treasure?


On a Sunday afternoon in November, we gathered with a handful of our church family and let them talk about what they had been learning from our Bible study series, The Treasure Principal. In the following video, they address the question about whether the desires of our heart are found here on earth, or in heaven. This is the first video from our series, A Glad and Generous People.

Following Jesus in Many Ways – the Gospel of Mark

Here is a summary of the twelve points from today’s sermon on following Christ:

1. Following Jesus means repentance and belief in the gospel (1:14-20)

2. Following Jesus means a sustained recognition of your need (2:13-17)

3. Following Jesus means a new family and a shared life (3:31-35; 10:29-31)

4. Following Jesus means planting God’s word deep within yourself (4:13-20)

5. Following Jesus means freely giving away your life (6:7-13)

6. Following Jesus means a renovation of the heart (7:6-7, 14-23)

7. Following Jesus means compassion for others (8:1-10)

8. Following Jesus means exchanging self-interest for the gospel (8:34-38)

9. Following Jesus means forfeiting personal greatness (9:33-37)

10. Following Jesus means fighting sin (9:42-50)

11. Following Jesus means relinquishing your greatest achievements and most treasured possessions (10:17-31)

 12. Following Jesus means loving God more than anything else (12:28-34)

Click here to listen to the sermon.