UPG Team Update – Day 1

Here’s a quick update on the team…  After traveling for over 30 hours, the team finally arrived at their hotel around 3 AM local time.  All were very tired but slept well.

The trip got off to a great start. In the morning they visited a simple factory where clay water pot filters are made. These filters could be a doorway into rural village ministry–“in word and in deed.”


In the afternoon they met with some of the partners we are working with, including two who will travel out with them tomorrow. For dinner they went to the home of a local shepherd who fixed an incredible meal with all the fixings for them.

IMG_1431 (1)

Tomorrow the real adventure begins as they travel out to where the UPG lives.

Pray for Open Doors, Open Mouths, and Open Hearts.

El Salvador Mission Trip Update – Day 1

We spent most of yesterday traveling to El Salvador. After many hours of flying we were graciously met in the San Salvador airport by Word of Life director Roy and two other missionaries, Rodrigo and Oscar. After grabbing a quick lunch and meeting up with the rest of the WOL team, we set our course northwest to the town of Santa Ana. Traveling through the countryside was an enlightening experience, as we were able to catch a small glimpse of the lifestyle of many who live in this country. 


Arriving in Santa Ana, we settled in to our hotel, Tolteka (which are wonderful accommodations), had dinner with the team and spent some time planning and praying. For the next several days, we will be working with churches in this area. As I am learning, the Word of Life team partners with local church to share the gospel and make disciples. There are 268 municipalities in the country of El Salvador, and WOL has been able to partner with churches in 162 of those municipalities, over the last eight years. Our team will have to privilege to minister in the towns of Metapan, Santiago de la Frontera, and Candelaria de la Frontera – frontera can be translated frontier or border. These rural communities (near the Guatemalan border) are very poor and in the words of Roy, are “also poor in spirit – very humble.”
This morning we will participate in a “Super Match” which is a strategy that WOL uses to reach out to high school students. In a local park, we will set up games and activities for the students to participate in and then share the gospel with them through a skit and a message. After lunch we are planning to serve with a local church Dios Es Amor,  going door-to-door to share Christ with their community.
Please continue to pray for us and our partnership with the WOL team. The people we seek to engage today most likely have a familiarity with Jesus through cultural Catholic heritage that is strong here. Please pray that the gospel of grace would disassemble a works-righteousness penetrate through a tough religious shell.